Feasible Innovations For All*

We are award-winning two-men Studio of the Industrial Designer and Engineer based in a Center of Europe.
We develop a variety of products — beautiful, functional and cost-effective, with respect to ecology and human labor.

Recent Works

As Featured In

Our interviews and projects are regularly published in famous print magazines, design blogs and newspapers.

The Awards We Proud Of

Sometimes we and our clients receive prestigious Design Awards. We value all our quality marks.

Our Exhibitions And Events

We love to take part at the world most exciting fairs and exhibitions and feel the vibe of a tight and creative air,
as well as share the most valuable insights we get during the working year.

Most Popular Services

These are the most demanded works so far, because Express Design provides super fast and varied yet feasible results;
Industrial Design gives all needed files for the production. Photorealistic Images increase sales by 2—5 times.

Express Product Design

Express Design

About 6—14 hours of deep immersion in design and research, according to a client’s brief or goals, noted during a Zoom call.


Fixed price one day challenge.

 One Day

What you get

You can receive research results, a lot of ideas, sketches, some renderings and recommendations in one document. Check the example of the Report below.


Who Needs This?

Someone who has at least one of these reasons:


1. To make the pitching presentation
more convincing.

2. Looking for a fresh eye at the project from the highly expertises specialists at a reasonable price.

3. To get feasible ideas and variations, rather than
a final design on a certain phase.

4. Limited budget

5. To make it urgently.

Industrial designer Upwork

Industrial Design

Product development from Research and Sketches to the files ready for manufacture. Support during production phase is included.


Average work cost for 80% of the projects.

From 1 to 6 weeks

What you get

You get files ready for production according to manufacturing technologies with a PDF containing 2D drawings and other requirements.

Who Needs This?

Someone who is willing to start selling his product as soon as possible and has a source of funding for Product Development and Mass Production.

Photorealistic Renderings in 3Ds Mav and V-Ray

3D Rendering

Super photorealistic renderings for any type of the product, interior, vehicles and exterior. 3Ds Max and V-Ray.

From $250 per image

Certain cost depends on a complexity of a scene.

 From 1 to 10 hours per image

What you get

High resolution image with masks and transparent background, feasible for offset printing and digital use.

Our Tech Skills

Our engineering background makes all of our concepts and designs uncompromising effective and doable.
And we are ready to share our expertise with you.

Design For Manufacture And Assembling

We are capable to prepare any of your design for production, considering any type of manufacture process requirements: plastic injection moulding, metal stamping, die casting, CNC milling, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

We design and develop effective and reliable  mechanisms based on kinematic an dynamic analysis.

Simulation Analysis

We make: Kinematic analysis, Dynamic analysis, Static Stress using FE method and Heat-and-mass transfer simulation.


We love working with a real materials: making dirty prototypes (cardboard and wood are used to check the functionality and ergonomics); MVP (building a rough product to confirm the feasibility of a concept) and functional prototypes with electronics and mechanics. We can also create a Golden sample which could be used by your Supplier as a perfect example for a mass production.

Among Our Clients

We love all our clients, here are just some of them.